mardi 31 octobre 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Boardgame

Yesterday, while checking the stats of the blog (Yes, don't you ? I particularly appreciate to have visitors from all over the world), I read the comment written by Geordie, from Geordie's Big Battles, and I crawled the web to discover his blog that I didn't know. Lots ans lots of different subjects, nicely painted figures, big battles... I was curious to read the posts under the label Fantasy, and I found this one, which recalled me great memories: Playing around with "Speed Painting" some "Fantasy" with "Washes", because of the minis displayed, plastic toy figures from the Dungeons & Dragons Boardgame by Parker. Do you recognize this box ?

This is the french version of "Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game" (2002), the exact copy of the one I offered my son when he was 10. It was a simple dungeon crawl game in a fantasy universe, and a good introduction to RPGs for my children... I was right on that point since they are still involved in RPGs as players and occasional designers, more than 10 years later :)

The box was full of things, including a lot of figures (compatible with 28mm fantasy figures):

I was very happy to read Geordie's post, because we had many a good adventure with this game, but I don't think that it met great success, and it is rare to hear or read about it. I left a comment on the post, saying that I wished to write something on my own, and here we are.

Last year, I had enough time to begin to paint the minis of this box. Once again, I wanted to turn poorly regarded minis into nice game pieces, and I thought that some of them might become interesting monsters for my 1/72 fantasy armies. This is what I could get:

The tiles on the pictures come from the game box, but not the wall  that I bought in an aquarium shop.
Some individual pictures: The Troll

The Bugbear (I try to find the english name after the french description, correct me if I am wrong :)):

The Carrion Crawler:

The Ogre:

On the following pictures, you can see the monsters in their various daily activities: dwelling the dungeon, crawling the dungeon, attacking anything and particularly adventurers (a human word describing "armed people who steal anything in your dungeon, sweet dungeon and destroying the rest"). Admire the taste in architecture as shown on the original columns !

I would like to thank the painter from whom I stole the idea for the bases - unfortunately I don't remember who he or she is, because I lost my internet bookmarks last summer when my laptop was stolen. Anyway, thank you.

At last, a couple of pictures of my workspace in the cellar.

Once again, my daughter took most of the pictures of this post.
And now, I am looking for players for another dungeon crawl :)

Hope you liked this post.

vendredi 27 octobre 2017

Sign of Life

For those, passing by, who may wonder whether this blog is still active... the answer is Yes: little activity, but some traces of plastic life on plastic grass :)

Two men from the Napoleonic Middle Guard:

One small goblin from Caesar, not in the usual GW green.

Hope to go back to the brushes next week, but this week-end, I go diving in Antibes on the Mediterranean Sea. The weather is perfect, I take my camera, maybe some fishes on this blog soon !