dimanche 29 septembre 2019

Wild Orc - test shot

I keep on preparing Orctober. After the Dark Alliance sets, I wanted to try to paint the Caesar figures.
Their style are very different from one another: the Dark Alliances ones are much smaller than the Caesar, which are sculpted in the spirit of the Games Workshop green horde.

At first, I wondered whether I would paint these ones in green, so that I would get two different hordes, from two different orc people, but I eventually decided to stick to the initial color scheme, and use other items to represent different people: the clothes of course, and also, why not... warpaints.

Here you are the first of my Wild Orcs, as a test shot.

A close-up to have a look at the warpaints. White for the skull and some stylized bones, with red lines and hands for blood (of course).

And last, a picture of the Wild Orc as a bodyguard for the orc queen.

What do you think ? Is the color scheme convincing ? And the warpaints ?
Thank you in advance for your wise comments, my fellow painters :)

samedi 28 septembre 2019

Last days of september...

... preparing Orctober :)

From times to times, I keep on painting Orcs and Goblins for my Orc army. Remember the color scheme I chose ? A yellow skin, as you can see here or there, not the usual green we see everywhere, even on this very blog !

So I've just added a few Orcs from Dark Alliance set 3, the best Orcs by this producer by far.

As usual, a few individual pictures. First of all, the queen of Orcs, ruler of the great hord I want to paint this Orctober.

The general of the army, at least the foot warriors (I'm thinking of a conversion of this guy on a small dragon). I must say that I didn't like this mini because of his shield that I found ridiculous, but once painted it is ok to me.

Two warriors as guards, or maybe vanguard, since they're lightly equipped.

And a closer view of these fierce warriors. Can't wait for next month!

So, who's in for painting hordes for Orctober ?

dimanche 22 septembre 2019

The Mummy returns

An update on this blog, at last!

I must explain that I wasn't interested in figures any longer. I have been away from the community for almost 9 months, which has given me a lot of time for other hobbies, such as collecting Japanese woodblock prints, or playing music in a small band.

Since I was away, I didn't even visit the blogs of my fellow figure painters - I hope you don't hold it against me too much. Well, it seems that a break was necessary.

A few days ago, I had a look at Benno's, and I discovered that Dark Alliance was about to release a set of Mummies. Mummies ? That was completely unexpected (at least to me)... but absolutely necessary for a painter whose nickname's Philotep :)

So I left a very small comment at Benno's, ordered this set as soon as I could, received the package a few days later, opened the box with excitement (a feeling long gone), and begun to paint the first minis this afternoon.

The first mummy is finished, I have taken a few pictures so that I can show you. Here you are:

Well, not my best, but I haven't touched a paintbrush for a long time. And I had difficulties removing the mold lines - something I have never been good at, but it is obvious that I must change my blade.

Some other mummies are on their way. I will take time to finish them properly, take better pictures, and write a small review about this set.

Hope you like this one anyway :)