samedi 20 mars 2021

A Wraith King to summon them all

One post about historical figures, then one post in Fantasy. Ok, I know, I should be painting Winged Hussars, or Vikings, or even Sassanids, meaning I should finish what I have started first. But I've started so many different projects than any new figure can complete an existing army.

Today, after a Norsemen warband, I needed a bit of fantasy. I also needed to clear my desk, and decided to paint the biggest figure on it - a wraith ! A wraith king to command my undead army, and summon dozens of skeletons, zombies, and other horrible creatures - a good option to replace my old vampire general.

So, what does he look like ? A big, howling spectre.

This mini doesn't come from any 1/72 fantasy sets, but from a pack of Undead troops designed for Battlelore 2nd edition. There are several types of figures in this pack: skeletons, knights on big horses, spectres and a zombie dragon - you can expect to see more in the next months. 

The skeletons are larger than the Caesar ones - they seem to be 'real' 25mm figures. The spectre (or wraith) is a big figure, but I find his size ok compared to the horde of skeletons and zombies (Caesar and Dark Alliance) around him.

That's all for today - hope you find him frightening :D

dimanche 14 mars 2021

Viking shieldwall

 I have been working on my Viking army these days, and painted enough warriors to assemble 8 Bd elements for DBA.

Here you are the result:


 You'll spot figures from several manufacturers: Strelets, Zvezda and Emhar.

 I still need 4 elements for a complete DBA army. But my first purpose is to gather a mythological army for HOTT, so the 4 last elements should be:

- 1 frost giant

- 1 giant Wolf (such as Fenrir)

- 1 element of Dwarves

- 1 element of mounted Valkyries

The first two elements are done already, and I'm working on the last two. See you next time to have a look at the whole army :)