dimanche 28 janvier 2024

The Green Horde: Tork the Animal

 This week-end, I could find time to paint and take a few pictures, at last! I'm still in the mood to add figures to my Orcs army, but I also need some variety, and I have a huge pile of Rackham figures to paint, so I decided to paint one of my oldest, an Orc wizard from the Bran-o-Kor faction.

Let me introduce you Tork the Animal:

This is an initiate of the Magic of the Earth. He concentrates his power in a magical rock that he can throw at his enemies and cause considerable damage.

Though I intend to use him as part of the Green Horde, I consider him as an ally from another clan, the Orcs of Bran-o-Kor. In Confrontation's world, this Orc tribe lives in dry deserts and canyons, which explains why the bases are different from the bulk of the Horde.

Close-ups in the pictures below, where you can see Tork with a body guard, a brute warrior from the same tribe.

Hope you like him :)

More Orcs to come next month, and maybe some 1/72 figures too!

samedi 13 janvier 2024

The Green Horde: another troop of Orc Warriors

 Hi! Here you are another episode of the building of the Green Horde - an army made of all the Orc and Goblin figures I'm gathering together since the 80s. If you're new to this blog, here you are the previous episodes:

- The Green Horde - A beginning the start of the project

- Orctober - Boar Rider A first boar rider, general of the army so far

- The Green Horde: a Troop of Archers first 10 archers, more to come in the future

- The Green Horde: Heavy Wolf Riders 5 wolf riders from various manufacturers

- The Green Horde: a Regiment of Orc Warriors A regiment is composed of 20 figures at Kings of War 

- The Green Horde: a Goblin Skull Crusher A Goblin catapult 

Today's post is about the beginning of a new regiment. The first 10 Orcs are painted, they form a troop before 10 others join their ranks. Let's have a look:

Once again, the figures come from several manufacturers: Citadel, Ral Partha, Grenadier, Old Glory.

Let's have a closer look: the warrior with the round shield below is a Grenadier figure. The original shield is engraved with an Eye pattern that I didn't like, so I stuck a round shield over, and painted a red eye, symbol of the army.

The next is also a Grenadier figure. The connoisseurs will recognise Nick Lund's style.

The next one comes from an Old Glory fantasy range (with a new plastic shield):

The next ones are Citadel figures. The first is a Chronicle Hobgoblin:

And the next ones are two variants of the same lancer from the 80s (preslotta era):

The last figures on display are 3 Orcs by Grenadier, and not Ral Partha as I originally thought - Hobgoblin from LAF once again could identify them! They were sculpted by Sandra Garrity and released by Grenadier during the 90s as part of the Fantasy Legends range.

That's all for today! See you for the next episode.

mercredi 10 janvier 2024

The Green Horde: a Goblin Skull Crusher


I know that this blog is meant to be mostly dedicated to 1/72 figures, but these days I'm in the mood to work on my 28mm Orcs and Goblins army for Kings of War. I have to say that the comments, here and on various forums, have been rather positive, and I took them as an encouragement to go on.

Today, I want to show you a War Machine, the sort of things that Orcs usually don't use - they leave the sophisticated and bizarre things to lesser warriors, meaning Goblins!

The machine is called a Skull Crusher. It was sculpted by Kev Adams and released by Citadel in 1986. The machine itself is full of small details as you can see below.

There's a team of 4 Goblins to handle it. From left to right: Winder1, Winder2, Boggrub Legbiter the team leader and Loader.

I love these funny Goblins, and probably will add some more of them as allies to the Orcs. I have a troop of warriors, a few archers and a War Chariot to paint. Hmm, makes me think that I also have a DBA Gallic army to base, all the figures are painted.

See you soon for a post dedicated to Celts, and for a bigger Orcs army!