vendredi 14 janvier 2022

1/32 Alla corte del Faraone (At the Pharaoh's court)

 Hi everyone! 

Today's post is an unusual one, because:

- the title is in Italian (but only the title, sorry for my Italian neighbours)

- the figures are 1/32, and not the usual 1/72... except for one

- the figures are displayed UNPAINTED !!!

But keep cool, there's an explanation to each of these statements...

You all know, or can easily imagine that I am a big fan of Atlantic (an Italian manufacturer) Ancient figures - they are regularly mentioned or shown on this blog - for instance here, or there. Well, after checking the links, I can say that they were mentioned at least in 2017... but look at my avatar :)

Believe it or not, as a kid, I only knew of their 1/72 range. It's only been a few years since I discovered that there were also a 1/32 range, thanks to an incredible collection that Mabo displayed at Benno's, and I began to desire those wonderful Atlanticses, my precious, and looked for some for a looong time... until last week, when I eventually found an offer on a website dedicated to second hand items: a complete original Atlantic 1/32 box, At the Pharaoh's court.

And there you are, in my own hand:

The box was complete, including the mummies and their sarcophagus.

And of course my favorite figure, the scribe. On the picture above, you can see the 1/32 version next to the 1/72 one - this latter looks soooo small.

Mini-me, next to Maxi-me :-D

I was so happy to receive them today that I couldn't help taking pictures and show them on this blog, even before they were painted.

Hope you like them :) Do these figures bring some childhood memories back ?