mercredi 11 août 2021

A lonely Barbarian - and a new way to take pictures (for me)

 Good evening everyone.

After the Kinkeshi figures (a new batch has been painted, another post to come), back to 1/72! Today I took time to finish a mini that was on my workbench for years, a barbarian warrior by Dark Alliance. Don't know why it took so long to paint this mini, but now it's over.

Here you are:

Nothing particular, except that I've decided to increase the contrast, what do you think ?

What is new is that I was lazy with the picture. My usual camera (a reflex by Canon) was still in his bag, so I decided to try to take a picture with my phone despite the artificial light... and I'm pleasantly surprised with the result. So it should probably help me to write more posts because the photographic process is much easier.

Again, what do you think of it ? Is it already your common practice ? Any feedback welcome, as usual :)

vendredi 6 août 2021

More Kinkeshi figures: Black Shadow, Canadianman, Hammerhead and Treeman

Well well well... it's been a looong time, right ? More than 4 months without any activity on this blog, but a lot of visitors, more visitors (according to blogger) than when I write some new posts - is it a way to tell me that my blog is better without updates, dear fellow readers ? :-P

I kept on painting from time to time during this period, but not a lot, because I mainly focused on practicing the oud, and began to learn to use Blender, in order to create my own animation films. Well, I still need years of practice in both case, but I really enjoy it :)

And what about figures ? Hum, nothing to display in 1/72 (not yet), but I've painted a few more Muscleman / Kinkeshi figures - if you don't know this range if figures, I've explained everything in a previous post.

This time, we have:

Muscleman #49 / Kinkeshi #33 Black Shadow

Muscleman #51 / Kinkeshi #31 Canadianman

Muscleman #79 / Kinkeshi #89 Hammerhead

Muscleman #115 / Kinkeshi #94 Treeman (Moku-Mokujin in Japanese)

As you can see on the back of the figures, only the last two are Kinkeshi originals, the others are Cosmix plastic copies (easier to paint, I must say).

As Tristan explained me in a comment on this blog, it seems impossible to have a mate result on a rubber figure (as original Kinkeshi are) if you use a spray paint as a primer, due to some chemical reaction between the spray and the rubber - that's why my last two figures are a bit shiny, though I added a layer of mate varnish on them.

The trick seems to prime the figure with a pencil and ordinary acrylic paint - not a spray. I will try as this method as soon as possible, thank you Tristan :)


For those who are waiting for 1/72 painted minis, let us say that I should try to paint more in september, because:

- the holidays and outdoor activities will be over

- Orctober is in October - I might consider painting green Orcs this year

- I have to prepare the 2021 Advent Calendar with all my friends at Benno's !

See you soon!