samedi 4 février 2023

Empire of the Old World: Ostland troops - part I

Do you remember the Fantasy Empire army that I have painted during Orctober 2020 ? It was inspired by the Old World in the Warhammer universe. The yellow and red color scheme was meant to represent the army of Talabecland, one of the provinces of the Empire. After a few battles against the Orcs, it is time to add some reinforcements, an occasion to paint some troops from another province, and use another color scheme.

Among several possibilities, I chose to represent soldiers from Ostland. Their uniforms are black and white, a good association with the former color scheme, Moreover, the symbol on their provincial flags is a bull, and I happen to have a very nice figure to carry one of those banners.

So let's have a look at the first soldiers from Ostland.

Most figures come from the Late Renaissance range by Redbox. The halberdiers come from sets 72062 (Swiss halberdiers) and 72059 (Landsknecht halberdiers). The heavy pikemen come from set 72068 (Landsknechts heavy pikemen). The banner comes from an earlier period, since it is a late medieval Swiss soldier by Ultima Ratio (UR007 Swiss infantry - Uri). As a historical figure, he is not very accurate since he is meant to represent a horn blower AND the man holding the banner of the canton simultaneously. But since I am using him in a Fantasy universe, everything's ok.

The halberdiers alone:

Then the pikemen - they look like foot knights with pikes, I must admit that I had never seen such soldiers, but they look fine, all the more in a Fantasy world.


 The Ostland banner.

Of course I wanted to take pictures of these guys together with the Talabeclanders - what would be sweeter to a wargamer's eye than a large army (the largest so far :)).

You might have noticed that the old banner of this blog has been replaced by a new one, a part of the last picture above. Let the Orcs come!!