dimanche 24 octobre 2021

Goblin War Chariot: The Solution

 Dear fellow readers, 

you will all remember that, in the last post, I asked you to find the origin of the pieces I used to convert the Goblin War Chariot. Many of you have recognized the venerable Ancient Britons chariot by Airfix, but what about the other parts ?

Here you are, at last, the answer!


A bit of zoom to see better. First, as written above, the Briton chariot.

I wished to replace the wheels with larger ones, but my range of chariot is rather poor, so I chose the wheels from the Atlantic Egyptian cart (a recast by Nexus, my Atlantic originals are still complete :)).

It proved a wrong choice in the end, because these wheels are not that taller, and the original ones are more "Goblinish".

The horses were replaced by Wargs (by Dark Alliance), as everybody found out.

I wanted something like scythes on the sides of the chariot, and a spear on front. I first tried to build some, but the result was absolutely ridiculous... Where to find large blades in 20mm ? Easy, have a look at 25mm (or more) spare bits. Then I chose those spears from the skeleton box by GW (7th edition).

The last part to find was the skeleton used as a banner. You may say that I cheated, because I used a resin 1/72 set by Nikolai.

And here you are! Maybe some of you will find this explanation interesting. Let me know if you have any question.

See you!

jeudi 14 octobre 2021

My contribution to Orctober 2021: Goblin Chieftain on War Chariot

Hi gents! My project for Orctober 2021 took me much more time than expected, but it is complete at last.

Everything is in the title:

This year, my Orc army received some reinforcements from a Goblin clan whose leader goes to war on a chariot pulled by two Wargs (yes, it seems that they can run side by side without fighting each other), and especially equipped with blades: one at the front, and two on each side of the axle. They're designed for hunting - Troll hunting, I mean.

The driver has to be harsh with his Wargs, hence the whip, while the chieftain looks fierce with his clubs.

The frequent visitors of this humble blog will have notice that this chariot is only the second one that I've assembled so far, after the Celtic one on the previous post. This one is a bit more customized, will you guess where all parts come from ?


If I find time before the end of the month, I will try to add a few more Goblins, but not for sure - we'll see.

See you, and happy Orctober :-)