samedi 24 septembre 2022


 Hi everyone!

I have not been very active in the hobby since the beginning of the year - I only painted a couple of figures in January, and that was all until September. I could paint more than 30 figures this month, I hope to keep on painting that much till the end of the year, but who knows.

I have no particular project - which means that my 30+ projects are all on the workbench at the same time, and I only paint figures that I don't find boring... and among these figures, I paint them when I am convinced by a good color scheme, particularly regarding Fantasy figures.

And here we are. I bought the Anubites set by Dark Alliance as soon as it appeared on the net, because I find the figures beautiful, and also because they are a must-have in any Egyptian Fantasy army. oh, and also because I am a big fan of The Mummy 1999 movie :) But the figs remained unpainted for some time, because I couldn't choose between different color schemes.

Now I've made a decision, and this is the result:

Nothing very original, as you can see, but good enough in my eye. I wanted to paint a black (supernatural) skin, mixed with some mud color for the highlights.

As a size comparison, you can see the Anubite warrior in duel against an Egyptian trooper - very courageous to charge such an evil creature. He might need some reinforcement :)

Unfortunately for the Egyptians, the Anubite summoned his Mummy allies, including an ancient Mummy King that had a duel experience at Benno's (special thanks to Peter, again :)).

Pictures taken with my phone. The result is correct, but far from the Reflex quality - I definitely need to reinstall a spot in the basement to take better pictures.

See you (soon or not) !