lundi 14 novembre 2022


 Good evening, dear fellow painters.

Today's post is a step into Greek Mythology, as I wanted to show you my first painted Cyclops from the eponymous set by Dark Alliance (#72054).

The most famous Cyclops from the mythology is of course Polyphemos, whose name literally means "who speaks a lot", and who is known for capturing Ulysses and his companions, eating some of them but was eventually blinded by them.

So these guys were much larger than ordinary humans, and the minis by Dark Alliance are accurately sculpted in my taste.

(Yes, I tried to paint an owl free hand, and no, the result is not very good :D)

I used the same Mediterranean skin colour as for the Greek warriors - hope you find it convincing.

See you :)

samedi 24 septembre 2022


 Hi everyone!

I have not been very active in the hobby since the beginning of the year - I only painted a couple of figures in January, and that was all until September. I could paint more than 30 figures this month, I hope to keep on painting that much till the end of the year, but who knows.

I have no particular project - which means that my 30+ projects are all on the workbench at the same time, and I only paint figures that I don't find boring... and among these figures, I paint them when I am convinced by a good color scheme, particularly regarding Fantasy figures.

And here we are. I bought the Anubites set by Dark Alliance as soon as it appeared on the net, because I find the figures beautiful, and also because they are a must-have in any Egyptian Fantasy army. oh, and also because I am a big fan of The Mummy 1999 movie :) But the figs remained unpainted for some time, because I couldn't choose between different color schemes.

Now I've made a decision, and this is the result:

Nothing very original, as you can see, but good enough in my eye. I wanted to paint a black (supernatural) skin, mixed with some mud color for the highlights.

As a size comparison, you can see the Anubite warrior in duel against an Egyptian trooper - very courageous to charge such an evil creature. He might need some reinforcement :)

Unfortunately for the Egyptians, the Anubite summoned his Mummy allies, including an ancient Mummy King that had a duel experience at Benno's (special thanks to Peter, again :)).

Pictures taken with my phone. The result is correct, but far from the Reflex quality - I definitely need to reinstall a spot in the basement to take better pictures.

See you (soon or not) !

vendredi 14 janvier 2022

1/32 Alla corte del Faraone (At the Pharaoh's court)

 Hi everyone! 

Today's post is an unusual one, because:

- the title is in Italian (but only the title, sorry for my Italian neighbours)

- the figures are 1/32, and not the usual 1/72... except for one

- the figures are displayed UNPAINTED !!!

But keep cool, there's an explanation to each of these statements...

You all know, or can easily imagine that I am a big fan of Atlantic (an Italian manufacturer) Ancient figures - they are regularly mentioned or shown on this blog - for instance here, or there. Well, after checking the links, I can say that they were mentioned at least in 2017... but look at my avatar :)

Believe it or not, as a kid, I only knew of their 1/72 range. It's only been a few years since I discovered that there were also a 1/32 range, thanks to an incredible collection that Mabo displayed at Benno's, and I began to desire those wonderful Atlanticses, my precious, and looked for some for a looong time... until last week, when I eventually found an offer on a website dedicated to second hand items: a complete original Atlantic 1/32 box, At the Pharaoh's court.

And there you are, in my own hand:

The box was complete, including the mummies and their sarcophagus.

And of course my favorite figure, the scribe. On the picture above, you can see the 1/32 version next to the 1/72 one - this latter looks soooo small.

Mini-me, next to Maxi-me :-D

I was so happy to receive them today that I couldn't help taking pictures and show them on this blog, even before they were painted.

Hope you like them :) Do these figures bring some childhood memories back ?