mercredi 28 décembre 2016


Not a big shieldwall, but a shieldwall nevertheless !
Figures but Zvezda, Emhar and Strelets. In spite of the differences, they all fit well together.

mardi 27 décembre 2016

Musician of the month: bassoon player

As explained in the first post, I want to paint a musician every month. Let's start with a musician in La grande armée, a bassoonist from the music band of a regiment of grenadiers de la garde.

1/72 plastic figure by Strelets.

lundi 26 décembre 2016

What's on my desk ?

Here you are a couple of pictures of my painting desk, as it is tonight. I am currently working on a troll, but also on minis for the Assault on Empire boardgame, and I just finished a few zombie dogs (I still have dozens to paint), and Redbox landsknechts painted as Talabecland troops.

A small desk, but nice and convenient

Work in Progress: a troll, by Dark Alliance
This huge troll just received basic colors and a dark brown wash. I will add more wash, then rust on metal, then highlights. To be continued.

Greek mythology revisited

As a child, I was fond of mythology, and greek mythology in particular. Heroes such as Ulysses (Odusseus in ancient greek, hence Odyssey), Theseus, Icarus, Herakles lived dangerous adventures in which they defeated marvellous or hideous beasts. The Hydra was one of them, and I am glad to show you my version, at last.

Here you are: hoplites and psiloi against a hydra, whose color scheme I found on the web. I would like to thank the author of the original mini, his(or her) colors gave me the opportunity me to complete a mini I bought in... 1984 !

Psiloi and hoplites by Atlantic and Zvezda, Amazon by Dark Alliance, and hydra by Ral Partha.

Late Achaemenid Persian Army

I painted this army almost ten years ago. The minis were based for DBA, a good set of rules that needs only twelve elements per player. Knowing that you need usually 2 to 4 figs per infantry element, and 2 or 3 riders per cavalry element, an army is complete with 30 to 50 figs, which is fine for slow painters as I.

Here is the army: 1/72 plastic figures by Hät and Zvezda.

the army arrayed

The heavy cavalry - Persian nobles with bronze scale armor

Medium cavalry

Light cavalry


Light infantry

dimanche 25 décembre 2016

My 1/72 minis - what you will find in this blog

Hi !

You will find in this blog all the stuff related to one of my hobbies: collecting, painting and playing with 1/72 minis (or toy soldiers).

My favorite historical periods are ancient, medieval, and Napoleonic eras, and I also like Fantasy.

I don't paint a lot, but I will try to update this blog as often as possible. I will upload photos of my last minis, but from times to times, I will also add pictures of armies painted for a long time.

As a scribe, I also will count the minis painted every year. I intend to write a post on this subject for the beginning of 2017.

One of my other hobbies is playing (and listening to) music, so I also plan to paint musician minis. I would like to say "musician mini of the month", but I am not sure to paint that many of them :-)