lundi 26 décembre 2016

Greek mythology revisited

As a child, I was fond of mythology, and greek mythology in particular. Heroes such as Ulysses (Odusseus in ancient greek, hence Odyssey), Theseus, Icarus, Herakles lived dangerous adventures in which they defeated marvellous or hideous beasts. The Hydra was one of them, and I am glad to show you my version, at last.

Here you are: hoplites and psiloi against a hydra, whose color scheme I found on the web. I would like to thank the author of the original mini, his(or her) colors gave me the opportunity me to complete a mini I bought in... 1984 !

Psiloi and hoplites by Atlantic and Zvezda, Amazon by Dark Alliance, and hydra by Ral Partha.

3 commentaires:

  1. Could it be that the Hydra Serpent was from Mage Knight (released in 2000) instead of a figure bought in 1984? Or else they used that sculpt for their game, because it's exactly the same (you can check if you google 'mage knight hydra serpent').

    1. Hi Timothy. No I can't be wrong, I bought it myself as a kid, and the date is still engraved under the base :) And last, it is a metal figure, and I suppose that the Mage Knight minis are plastic. So I think you're right, i
      the Mage Knight one must be a copy.

    2. You can check Ral Partha Hydra 1984, and you will find photos of the original metal mini :)