dimanche 7 mai 2017

New Kingdom Egypt II - Sherden Mercenaries

The Sherden were one of the tribes of the Sea People confederation (see the related post: The Sea People). They are mentioned in Egyptian and Ugaritic records in the late second millenium BC.

As for most Sea People tribes, their origin is still a matter of debate. According to the Eastern origin theory, the Sherden might come from Anatolia, while they might find their origin in Sardinia according to the Western origin theory.

Concerning their appearance, the Egyptian reliefs show men wearing round shields, short broad swords, spears, and horned helmets.

After their defeat against Ramesses II, some of the were incorpored into Egyptian service as Royal bodyguards. They are believed to have added on their helmets a disc representing the god Ra as a sun.

I chose to represent my Sherden warriors in Egyptian service. I used Caesar minis, who wear typical Egyptian clothes, and I decided to use a fair skin tone that I believe coherent with the two origin hypothesis explained above.

A warrior as a guard:

Several warriors, one of them using the characteristic round shield.

I hope you like them :)

14 commentaires:

  1. Je ne me lasse ni de cette présentation bas relief / figurines, ni de cette peinture...les gros plans sont impressionnants!

  2. Merci Phil pour ton commentaire! Maintenant je dois prendre mon courage à deux mains et peindre un char :)

  3. hi phil
    ich liebe deine malerei
    richtig klasse
    welche farbe nimmst du für deine hautöne
    dieist super

    1. Thank you Guido! For the skin, I use a mix of Dwarf flesh, Dark Flesh and Bronze Flesh (these are old GW references). Hope it helps !

  4. WOW, Phil! These are great and I do like them. A lot!

  5. Superb work as usual! Will you give the Poor ugly Hat comrades also a chance :)?

    1. Hi Sceavus! Thank you for your comment. Yes, the Hät ones will be painted one day, some have already been primed . They will add a welcome variety of clothes, for the Caesar ones are too uniformed.


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