mercredi 17 janvier 2018

Late Imperial Romans - DBA army complete

After the Sagittarii, there were only a few men left to paint in order to complete the army: 2 archers (the second Psiloi element), 1 Hunnic rider, and two clibanarii for the command group.

Here they are - first, the command element (3Cv): like the other 3Cv element, they belong to the Equites Constantiani feroces.

The general - a Miniart figure. Not as nice as his Hät comrades, but he'll do the job.

The standard bearer - I appreciated to paint a draco banner .

And here you can see the two Cv elements together.

Next unit, the Huns as LH(figures by Lucky Toys).

And last, the archers (Italeri) to support the Victores Iuniores.

So for DBA, my army is complete, at last !!

Wait, you don't believe it ? You're right, because I am slightly cheating. First, I have to base them all, something I don't like to do, but it is impossible to play without bases. and I also need a base to represent the camp - still looking for a good idea for it, any suggestion ?

That is not all. I also wish to test another promising ruleset named l'Art de la Guerre (AdG) - I have recently discovered that the author probably lived only a few kilometers from here (Lyon), but I really don't know him :)

Although the rules recommend to play with more minis than I usually paint (between 20 and 30 elements for a budget of 200 points), I've read that a good way to start is to use 100 pts armies, which more or less corresponds to the 12 elements required in DBA. And the bases are compatible, that's great.

So, for a 100 pts AdG Late Roman army, I just need to paint:
- a general element, ie a general and staff on a particular element (the riders shown above would in this cas be a second heavy cavalry element)
- a bolt thrower with servants (at least two)

It sounds reachable :) But I plan this painting for later, I first need a break from Late Romans !

See you soon.

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  1. Très beau travail, j'aime beaucoup la cavalerie lourde et les archers...

  2. Really great work!. Those huns are nice looking minis.

    1. Thank you. I like them too, though I was told they were more Hollywoodian than historical.

  3. Outstanding! Excellent work, well done! I'm looking forward to seeing them all based up. Yes, I've got a mate who's very keen on AdG, and he did mention that armies are only a little over double DBA sized. As you say, that's actually doable...given enough time!

    1. Thank you Nick! In my dreams (or nightmares, don't know), I also paint an Eastern Late roman army for DBA, and I double both Eastern and Western armies to recreate a civil war with AdG :) One days, who knows...

  4. So nice, I could not believe that a MiniArt guy could reach the rank of General hehe
    I am taking some ideas here for my late romans and the way I got a very good comic of this age: Apostat,about Julian.. here you have a suggestion for your next battlefield: Strasbourg(Argentoratum)

    1. Hi Sceavus, I just checked the internet to read about this Apostat comic book - looks really great! About Argentoratum, this is a well documented battle, so well that I know I should paint other auxilia units to be historically correct :) Would be great, but long...

  5. Well,life and nights are also long, aren't they? :):)

  6. hi die sehen richtig gut aus mir gefallen die pferde sehr gut
    auch die schilde sehen top aus
    herrliche bemalungen der figuren

  7. That is some seriously nice work 🖒


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