dimanche 18 mars 2018

Metal giant: an Orc by Rackham

Today, I wish to start a series of posts related to the Confrontation miniatures range by Rackham.
I wrote last month (see here) how I got inspired by one of the factions to convert a 1/72 mini into a Wolfen.

What I didn't explain was that I painted dozens of these minis some years ago, and I think it's time to display some of them on this blog, even if they are not 1/72.

The first mini to show is an orc warrior. In the universe of the Confrontation game, they are called the Orcs of Bran-o-kor, and they live in the borders of the Syharhalna desert where they were former slaves to the Scorpions of Dirz.

Let's have a look at him:

 I used a classical green color for this orc (that's why my 1/72 orcs are painted in another color, I wanted to change :)). His tunic is red simply because red and green are complementary colors. The base is very simple, it is meant to recall that this guy is living in a desert.

In my eyes, the Rackham minis remain the best fantasy figures ever created. They are famous for the incredible level of detail which make them more difficult to paint than others.
A closer view to the back of this warrior to illustrate this opinion:

You can see several flasks and bottles, a book, a scroll and a scary shield (there are often humoristic details in this range :)).

What do you think ? Would you be interested in seeing more of this range, or will you ask to remain in the one true scale :) ?

Hope you like this giant anyway. See you soon.

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  1. Oooooh thats a cool mini!!. The rackham range are fantastic, so much detail and movement. It would be great to see more. Are you planning to use them with the 1:72 minis for fantasy gaming?.

    1. Thank you Sprinks. No, I don't think that they will be giants en 1/72, the sculpture is too different IMO. I'd rather use Fantasy toy soldiers (if I could find some), or Boardgame minis such as Zombicide Black Plague minis - I have a post in preparation on the subject.

  2. Beautiful painting of a very nice figure.
    Kula Shaker - cool. I only have K (1996) and don't know the more recent work.

    1. Thank you Maudlin! I first listened to K also, excellent record, with some reference to Grateful Dead. K is a great album, but Pilgrim's Progress is even better !!

  3. Beautiful brushwork on an ugly character!