jeudi 31 octobre 2019

Orc army completed for the last day of Orctober, Waaaagh!

Ok, let's resume the situation here. Every year, lots of figure painters and wargamers around the world paint some Orcs (or their kin) during the month of Orctober. I don't when this tradition begun, but I like it. I imagine that at the end of the month, all painted Orcs gather for the Orctoberfest, an orcish variant of Halloween maybe.

Last year, I proposed a challenge for 1/72 fantasy painters at Benno's: to paint some Orcs for Orctober 2019. Several persons answered the challenge - you can see the result here.

My personal challenge was to complete an Orc army for OTT / AdG Fantasy, and for once... I succeeded! I'm a happy general.

So, what do they look like ? Are they more impressive when they are together ?

Let's have a look in detail. Last painted but first because of his rank, the new leader of the army, Vorgorog the Insane, surrounded by the elite of his warband, the Skull warriors:

No, the Uruk-hai are not their allies
Any general needs cavalry, hence a unit of heavy Warg riders, good for scouting and as a fast shock troop.

The extra heavy shock troop, not as fast as the Wargs, is this one, the troll unit, super massive and with dark armours.

the most dangerous place in this army
 The Orcs can find allies in the mountains, such as these goblins, nasty little troglodyte creatures. Not very reliable allies, but allies nevertheless, at least before the beginning of the battle.

The whole army: not very large, but more than enough for HOTT.

The army list:
- 1 Orc general
- 1 unit of skull warriors, 3 figs
- 1 unit of Warg riders, 6 figs
- 1 warband of Orc warriors, 29 figs
- 1 unit of archers, 4 figs (including an old green Orc - wasn't convinced with this color)
- 1 unit of Goblins, 7 figs
- 1 unit of Trolls, 4 figs
- 1 unit of lesser Goblins or Imps, 2 figs

16 of them have been painted this month. And you know what ? I'm happy with the result, and it's time to move on. I have a lot of other projects in mind, it's time to go back to historical minis, such as Napoleonics (the variety of colors in the Peninsula troops is very attractive), Ancients (any Ancient) or maybe a few more ACW soldiers. What do you think ?

A couple of pictures to conclude. Happy Orctoberfest!

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  1. Whaou ! une belle armée, belle peinture, mais pourquoi faire du 28mm alors que le 1/72 est au top.

    1. Merci maître!
      QUand on regarde la 2e référence d'orques Caesar, on se rend compte qu'on a atteint le 25mm. L'inflation...

  2. Congratulations phil, you can be proud of them!!! Very good and varied Warband!
    Which figure
    Congratulations as well for the Orctoberfest initiative, this kind of actions really develope a nice comradership and motivation between hobbyist around the world!

    1. I did not finish the questions, where does figure of Vorgorog come from??

    2. Thank you Sceavus, happy that we introduced this tradition in the 1/72 world.
      Vorgorog is a figure from Caesar Orc set 2, I just added an injured uruk-hai under his right foot, no conversion.

    3. Ah yes, actually I am still not familiar with that set,even If I own it!
      The defeated Uruk looks quite funny, somewhere else you posted that Uruk were not allies, however I believe that even if they were allies for sure you could find a similar scene..that is how orcish society work :)

  3. They look great!

    Do you plan to base them permanently for HOTT?

    1. Thank you! Yes I think I will. I must find a way to base them as elements for several sets of rules, including HOTT, l'Art de la guerre ans Kings of War. These rulesets are rather similar regarding basing, so it should not be too difficult.

  4. Happy orctober :-) Really neat Looking army, may fave are the goblins. The faces are just great.
    I have plans for next year..BIG plans but they will have to wait :-)
    ACW. You know you have to..or…..?.. the new WSS from Strelets ?

    1. Thank you Paul. I agree, the Goblins are better sculpted than the Orcs. I'm not that happy with my color scheme however, I should try another, for instance copying the figures painted by JC from Hobgoblinry, as you can see here:

  5. C'est une armee epique Philotep! Tres bien et joyeux Orctober.

  6. This is really impressive ! Great looking group all together like that 👏👍

  7. Well, they impress me! Both singly and in a horde!

  8. That is one mean looking army!. They look great and capture the character of the minis perfectly. The question is, what army are you going to build to stop them?!.

    1. Thank you Sprinks! That' a good question, I have lots (too many) plans:
      - an Empire army to fight against the Orcs (using historical minis, so I would paint both fantasy and historical at the same time)
      - a Crusader army to finish (almost done, only 2 knights and one monk left to paint), theu could be used in a MedFan universe
      - a Fantasy egyptian army, with a mix of historical and fantasy figures, the famous mummies
      - an Undead army - no reason the Orcs would be friends with the skellies
      - an Uruk-Hai army - they have to avenge their loss!!

    2. You must do ALL these Proposed armies!! :)

    3. At least I'll try. I have a file with ideas of various projects regarding minis, I must have something like 80 armies to paint, mainly historical of course. Those I would really like to complete are:
      - Mayas
      - Aztecs (they are painted for 25 years, I'd like to add some contrast)
      - Early Imperial Romans (same as above)
      - Greek hoplites (same as above)
      - Ancient Egyptians (40% done, but the chariots...)
      - Sea People (50% done, less chariots :))
      - Sassanid Persians (not even started)
      - HYW English (50% done, so many archers...)
      - HYW French (10% done, not a single knight on horse)
      - Feodal Japanese (5 minis painted)
      - Napoleonic French army (peninsula)
      - Allied army for Peninsula

      And so many others...

  9. Superb work. You make the humblest plastic figure look like the finest lead...and you bring these miniatures to life.

    1. Thank you Duc. I think that we, painters, are too often complaining about the quality of the figures - to create the humblest figure, as you say, is far beyond my skills, so I always feel humble in front of these small minis. Sculptors impress me.

  10. Orcsome work warrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wonderfull painted Halloween army Phil! Next year I hope to join you in the next orctober!


    1. Thank you very much Peter. Happy to read your plan for next year :)