samedi 23 décembre 2023

The Green Horde: a Regiment of Orc Warriors

 It's time to show my biggest unit so far, a regiment of 20 warriors.

This time, one of these 20 figures is a plastic one by Warlord Games. The others  are a mix of Alternative Armies, Citadel, Grenadier, Old Glory and Ral Partha. 

 Let's have a closer look on some of them. The first on display is a Gargantua Orc(z) by Ral Partha, a series I've only discovered this year. Slightly biggest than the others, but perfect the way I imagine Orcs.

The next is an Old Glory figure.

The following Orc is probably more difficult to identify. It was made by a french manufacturer called Armageddon, but I couldn't find anything about this company on the net (Armageddon is not the most selective search criteria, whatever the search engine). The only element I have is an article about these figures in a famous french magazine, Casus Belli in 1992, here you are:

And my version, rather similar:


Next figure is a well-known Hobgoblin from the Chronicle range:

The following Orc is what I believe to be a Grenadier Orc or Goblin, not by Nick Lund? Or a Metal Magic figure? To be verified. I'm just sure that I bought him in the mid-90s. Once again, I ask the community for more info, please.

EDIT: Problem solved, it is a Grenadier figure by John Dennett, thank you Eric and Hobgoblin on LAF.

The last of this gallery of portraits is a Citadel Orc, 1984 or 85.



A last picture of the leader of the unit to conclude this post.



What do you think of them ? 

No new unit tomorrow as I'm off to see my family for a few days, so let me wish you a Merry Christmas :)

8 commentaires:

  1. What do I think? I think they are FANTASTIC! Great job on the composition of this group.

  2. Thank you Jonathan, Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Phil, pretty sure that Grenadier orc is a John Dennett sculpt.

    1. Hi Eric, Thank you for the info. I've been asking at LAF, and received that link:
      These Orcs are similar to those of a box set named Orcs of the Black River, and you're right about the sculptor:
      And merry Christmas!

  4. I'm not into fantasy, but your paintwork is superb!