lundi 17 juin 2024

The Green Horde: some more green warriors

Hi! The production is getting very low regarding minis (the usual spring effect), but I could paint another batch of Orc warriors, gathered into a troop (10 foot figures according to Kings of War).


Let's have a closer look:

Hum yes, his shield was red in a previous version


As you may know by now, I don't like to paint twice the same mini (there are exceptions), and I like to mix figures from different brands, and even different centuries :). Some of these figs were bought a long time ago (in the 80s), and some only a few months ago. Some are new and the others second hand, which is why I can't always identify them with certainty. There are several online sites that provide info about all those figs, and I must say that the research for knowledge is one of the most interesting things regarding those 25/28mm figures :)

The two figures below are recent plastic figures by Reaper Bones. The grunt on the left was sculpted by Tre Manor, the guy on the right was sculpted by Bobby Jackson for the Bones Black range (source: Reaper Miniatures website).


The following Orcs are much older: they are metal figures from the 80s by Citadel.  The first on the left is a Black Orc from the N11 series in the Chronicle range. Sculpted by Nick Lund and released in 1985 (source: Collecting Citadel Miniatures).

The following are preslotta figures: the second from the left comes from C16 range released in 1984 (source: The Stuff of Legends); the two on the right come from the C15 Armoured Orcs series released in 1983 (source: Lost Minis Wiki).


The next two are from different manufacturers. The first one is a Grenadier figure sculpted by Nick Lund and probably released in 1990 for his game 'Fantasy Warriors' (source: Lost Minis Wiki). The second one is an Old Glory Orc sculpted by Bob Naismith. I couldn't find a release date, but I'm sure that I bought this figure during the 90s.


The last two figures are produced nowadays by Ral Partha. The lancer (Light Orc Impaler) on the left was sculpted by Bob Olley probably during the 90s and is part of the Gargantuan Orcz ,and the guy on the right is an Orc Champion by Kev Adams, initially for Heartbreaker (sources: Lost Minis Wiki and Ral Partha websites).

I hope you like them, and also that the explanations about the origins of the figures are of interest :)

9 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic work Philotep!! Wonderful figures and beautiful painting.

  2. Fantastic Orcs! and they make me miss my 2-3rd edition Orcs I sold eons ago, sniff. BTW, the C16 with his arms up, looks exactly as one of the Harboth's Mountain Orcs from de first boxes of Regiments of Renown. I'd say is the standard bearer with different arms.

    1. Thank you very much! Believe it or not, I've just had the opportunity to buy (second hand) the standard bearer you're speaking of! I will write a post dedicated to this figure. I had never seen it before.

  3. Oh yes indeed, same body and same face! The Harboth's Mountain Orcs were released in 1984, according to Stuff Of Legends, same year as my figure.

  4. Beautiful brushwork, I like your style of one pose and different manufacturers.
    I also like the history of the figures.

    1. Thank you very much CTMM! Remember that I can't wait to see your own figures very soon :D