lundi 27 mars 2017

Musician of the month: Orc Drummer

Ok, let's face it, I didn't say everything.

Painting and playing with 1/72 figures is one of my hobbies, and I briefly explained why in a topic published at Benno's Figures Forum (link: here - See Kekso, in case you check, I put a link :D).

But I must admit that it is not the most time consuming hobby I have. Another hobby is playing music, alone, or with my family or friends, or even in bands - I have been a member of a Salsa band for several years, and at that time, I played on stage almost every week... I didn't paint a lot in this period, even worse than today :)

That's why I particularly appreciate the figures that represent musicians - military, fantasy or civilians (there's a lack of civilians in my pictures, by the way, but I like wargaming :)).

So I decided this year to paint a musician per month, and at the end of the year... I have a complete band !

What do we have for now ?
December 2016 - a Napoleonic Bassoon Player - he will play in the 2017 band as a soloist :)
January 2017 - a Late Empire Roman Cornicen
February 2017 - a Germanic Horn Blower

They are all wind instrumentists. I need various instruments, it's time to get some percussion. Ok, the easy way would be to paint a drummer in any napoleonic army... hmm, too obvious. I wanted a bit of fantasy... Fantasy! Yes, even Orcs are able to play drums :)

So this is my fourth musician in the 2017 band: an Orc Drummer, found in a Dark Alliance Orc set (set nr 1).

He doesn't look very happy, that's because he 's focusing on the tempo :)

I hope you like it. I would very glad to read your suggestions for the next member of the band!

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  1. The orc drummer is is a great mini, you have done a wonderful job with him (it). Love the detail on the drums.

    1. Thanks, Sprinks. Not my best work with him/it/her (why not), but I find him(etc... ) funny :)

  2. Superbe, j'entends d'ici le rythme assourdissant de ses appels...nul doute qu'une horde arrive!

    1. Merci Phil. Une horde, ça fait combien de figs ? Ah ouaiiiiis...

  3. Nice.
    Suggestions? This set from get a whole band ;-)

    1. Oh yes, very nice suggestion! I must give it a try... I bought resin Valdemar minis a few years ago, everything was broken when I received the pack, I never painted them.

    2. The brand new sets /figs come out first in resin and later in metal..the musicians are an old set and now in metal ;-)

  4. Réponses
    1. @ Guido. RedBox/Dark Alliance, Orcs, Satz Nummer eins


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