samedi 18 mars 2017

Gaul (or Celt) Warriors - part I

Hi! In today's post, I wanted to display a few Gauls (the Celts living in ancient Gaul), that I painted years ago for the Hät website.

The Celts were famous for the stripes and tartan patterns of their clothes, and this is what I wanted to represent on these minis. I tried to use unusual but accurate colors, so I spent some time to find documentation, particularly some photographs of reconstitution groups who try to use the materials and the pigments available at that time (as far as we know today).

The main source for my minis is this book: Le guerrier gaulois du Halstatt à la conquête romaine, Franck Mathieu - éditions Errance.

And here you are the result:

These men are ordinary warriors, not the retinue of a chieftain (the Ambacts) who would be more heavily armored - an example in the next post !

1/72 minis by Hät.

2 commentaires:

  1. Nicely done! I have yet to paint some Celts so you inspire me.

  2. Hi Bruce, thank you for the kind comment - your Zulus make me wish to find mine, they are still in a box at my mother's home :)


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