dimanche 26 mars 2017


I am still working on my Late Imperial Roman Army, it is long because of the shields, and will be delayed because I am off for the week-end (the only moment when I can paint), and even if I have taken my paint set and a few minis, I forgot the white pot :-( which is necessary for the off white tunics in the highlights step.

So no new Romans today, but I will show you pictures of one of their numerous opponents - some Pict warriors.

These minis were sold by Hät in a miniset with only four poses - difficult to create a full army with so few, I will need some imagination to complete the job :)

The challenge here was to paint plaids on surfaces with already sculpted squares - I'd rather paint on smooth surfaces. Same problem with the tattoos patterns sculpted in the flesh !

Here you are the result, and I am nevertheless happy with it.

And now, back to the Romans !

8 commentaires:

  1. Superbes Pictes, les détails sont impressionnants...

  2. Great looking minis, fantastic work. I wonder who in their right mind would sculpt the squares and tattoos on?.

    1. Thanks Sprinks. It probably was designed to help the painter, but it proved unsuccessful, in my opinion

  3. einfach klasse bemalt
    top die hauttöne
    das karomuster auf dem umhang spitzenmässig


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