mardi 14 février 2017

Macedonian heavy infantry

I will conclude this series of posts related to the Macedonian army with a few lines concerning the heavy infantry.

First of them, the pezhetairoi (foot companions in ancient greek) who are the famous Macedonian pikemen,  armed with sarissa  (pikes).

I know I should paint 24 figures for a DBA army, here you are the first four :)

The picture below shows an hypaspist - the fourth needed to have an element of Sp for DBA (the first three are displayed here):

The Macedonian army also employed Greek mercenaries ,  as did their Persians enemies.

And last photo so far, a musician to give signals for the whole army.

Now back to the brushes ! I need:
- many more pikemen (20)
- more hoplites (4)
- light cavalry, Prodromoi (2)
- a foot general  (1) and an escort
- Alexander himself

Hope you like them.

12 commentaires:

  1. J'aime si on ajoute la mélodie de ce musicien, c'est de mieux en mieux...Bientôt les Mayas?

    1. La trompe sur le champ de bataille, ça me fait penser à Kaamelott...
      Pour les Mayas, c'est encore un coup à se disperser sévèrement, mais c'est quand même très tentant. J'avance les Macédoniens, l'empire en Fantasy (en 20 mm, oui c'est possible), mes morts-vivants, les Romains tardifs, les Anglais XVe, la garde impériale et ensuite je démarre les Mayas!

  2. You are building a very nice Macedonian army Phil!