lundi 22 octobre 2018

Orcs - size comparison

Hi, a small update today. I was asked in a french forum (Addict Figurines) to tell how the Dark Alliance Orcs compared to 1/72 humans. The easiest way is of course to take pictures showing the minis side by side, and this is how I answered.

1. Small Dark Alliance Orc / DDS Landsknecht

2. Caesar human (painted as a vampire :)) / Average Dark Alliance Orc  / DDS Landsknecht

3. Caesar human / sample of Dark Alliance Orcs

The result is that these Orcs are equal are smaller to humans in size, which is perfect in my eyes. What do you think ?

Hope it helps :)

7 commentaires:

  1. Hi Phil, thats a nice help for hobbysts, we can help in that for our future projects,
    Related to "best orc size", they match fine in my taste as "lesser orcs" or "hobgoblins" as you pointed in some other realted post; It is OK for me, and these sets match quite good with Games workshop moria Orcs as example,but I like having always bigger orc brutes too, from Caesar sets as example but añso borrowed 25mm Orcs...
    And I like too having even smaller true nasty and squeezy goblins, which aré only available still in plastic 1/72 by Caesar
    I guess I am very influencied by Warhammer ir Wolrd of Warcraft :)

    1. You are right regarding the size and even the color scheme of these minis, they are perfect to represent hobgoblins :) or ordinary orcs, compared to "black orcs" meant to be darker and bigger in size, if I properly remember what I read in the Lord of the Rings.
      I also recognize Warcraft inspiration in both Caesar sets!

  2. Pretty sure this size is "historically accurate"

  3. Lovely work! There are your "half orcs" really Uruk Hai, and the lesser orcs called "snagas" in Tolkien, my head is just full of useless information such as this. Uruks can fight in daylight with little discomfort, snagas on the other hand might be able to fight in daylight, but with serious disadvantages, some not at all, depending on how dark skinned they are.

    1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge here! I'm not the kind of person that consider that some things are useful and others not, so tour observations are welcome :) I forgot about the snagas, I should read the Tolkien trilogy once more... good news, I've just bought once more the first volume, I lent the previous one some years ago and it never came back.