lundi 9 janvier 2023

EIR: first element based as a test shot


A small update today to show the first Early Imperial Roman element based as a test shot before basing the rest of the army.


 The next auxiliaries are eager to get a proper base

I first wanted to give them a Mediterrean or Middle East environment, since it is what I did for my first Ancient armies: Republican Romans, Carthaginians, Gauls, Achaemenid Persians... are all fighting all around the Sea. And I first wanted all my armies to have similar bases.

But, as one of the Lead Adventure Forum contributors recalled me, the Imperial armies are best known for the Dacian and Germanic campaigns, in more Central European landscapes than the previous armies, so I began to wonder if my wish of uniformity was the best idea to follow... and I eventually chose to use a darker color for the earth, and here you are.

In case you are interested, this is the recipe:

- paint a layer of AK Dark Earth terrain on the MDF base

- drybrush with light brown colors (GW Steel Legion Drab and Ushabti Bone)

- some grass from various manufacturers

Very simple, a bit different from the previous armies, but not too much.

I am interested to know if the test shot base looks credible to your eyes, any suggestion welcome.

 See you soon for the whole army based :)

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  1. Réponses
    1. Thanks! I needed the approbation of hobby masters like you ;-)

  2. They look really good. The bases are great

  3. Hello Phil, the bases are totally credible and Roman ones are an improvement IMHO. They look splendid!

    1. Thank you Blacksmith! I've been watching based figs like yours before choosing my colors.

  4. Great Roman Legions you are creating. And the Persians seem to me ta nightmare to Paint

  5. Those bases look grand. I cannot believe how simple your 'recipe' is!
    Glorious painting as always. Beautifully colourful Persians and the Romans here (and on your post) are a delight.
    Regards, James