mardi 13 octobre 2020

Orctober challenge, episode 3: artillery

 Good evening! 

The Orctober challenge is still running, and my Empire army is receiving a new unit today: a cannon and its crew.

The crew is painted in keeping with the Talabecland color scheme, red and yellow. I chose to paint the trousers black, to recall that, in the Old World of Warhammer, the gunners often come from the city of Nuln where black is the main uniform color. Moreover, it's rather convenient when you fight with firearms.

All figures and cannon come from Redbox set #72064 Landsknechts artillery

So the work progress today is as follows:

Troop type Number of elements figs per element Number of figures painted figures
General (Knight) 1 2 2 0
Wizard 1 1 1 0
Knights 2 3 6 2
Halberdiers 2 4 8 8
Longswords 2 4 8 8
Arquebusiers 2 4 8 1
Fanatics 1 4 4 1
Bombard 1 4 4 4
Total 12
41 24

What's next ?

I need one more rider to finish the first element of knights. I've begun to paint the horse... and lost the knight himself, can't find him on my workbench ! I suspect the cat, of course... and the Orcs, who probably try to sabotage my work and prevent me from fulfilling my challenge !!

I still haven't found the figure of the general, but I have a couple of ideas to paint Fire wizards.

So, see you for the next episode :)

12 commentaires:

  1. Excellente, Philotep. C'est un tres beau projet.

  2. Moi qui m'attentais à voir des Arquebusiers c 'est en faite un gros canon avec ces servants, :D j'adhère aussi !
    Les servants se démarque avec juste le rappel de couleurs sur leurs chapeaux et leurs rubans sur les jambes, tu ne cherchais pas comment peindre tes mercenaires arquebusiers ? ça peu être une bonne piste ;)

    En tout cas comme à l'habitude très belle peinture !

    Bon courage pour la suite !

    Le Chat c est sur que c est lui ces petites bêtes la sont la fourberie incarnée !


    1. Merci pour tes commentaires fort appréciés. Pour les mercenaires, c'est bon, j'ai trouvé, je tâche de les peindre pour l'épisode 5.
      Le chat, je le savais :-D

  3. Great job Phil, the army is really coming together.

    1. Thank you Sprinks. I will take pictures of the whole army at the end of the challenge, we'll see if they fit with one another.

  4. The gun looks very realistic! Good Woody and metal effect! Congratulations with your progress

    1. Thank you! It took me some time, and the result is not that good since I had difficulties to remove all the mold lines. But for an fast painted army (fast for me), I think it's ok.