lundi 26 octobre 2020

Orctober challenge, episode 5: Fire power part I

 Hi everyone! No, I've not been lazy, and no, I didn't start 4 other projects before completing the Orctober challenge.

Here you some new troops, for the Empire army! Let's start with the Arquebusiers.

I have been sticking to the color scheme chosen in episode 1: red and yellow for a Talabecland unit, black socks and jacket. The figures once again come from Redbox and Dark Dream Studio sets.

I've chosen a very different color scheme for my mercenary arquebusiers, mostly red and green. The test shot figure comes from Redbox set #72099 Italian Infantry (set 1) - maybe the fact that they were Italian influenced me for the color scheme :)

Last but not least, I've finished the first of my two Fire wizards, and I must admit that I am quite happy with the result.

Contrary to what my son thinks, this guy is not trying to perform a COVID testing on his enemy, but he is launching a fireball at him (yes he's studying biology at the university - my son, not the wizard).

As some of you have guessed in episode 4, this wizard is a slight conversion of a Hät celtic druid. I tried to represent a warm light on his face and robe due to the fireball.

Hope you like them :)

Oh, and the progress table:

Troop type Number of elements figs per element Number of figures painted figures
General (Knight) 1 3 3 0
Wizard 1 2 2 1
Knights 2 3 6 3
Halberdiers 2 4 8 8
Longswords 2 4 8 8
Arquebusiers 2 4 8 5
Fanatics 1 4 4 4
Bombard 1 4 4 4
Total 12
43 33

If you compare with the previous posts, you will realize that the total number on figures to paint has increased - now I need 43 figures instead of 41. The reason is that I will paint 2 wizards for the wizard element, and that I've at last chosen the figures (and the color schemes) for the general element: 1 mounted general, 1 foot aide-de-camp and 1 foot flag bearer.

10 figures to paint, and 5 days to go => I go back to the cellar right now.

See you soon (I hope :-) ).

20 commentaires:

  1. Great stuff - that's a mightily impressive wizard! He'll fill a HOTT magician base nicely with that fireball.

    1. Thank you JC! Yes, together with the next fire wizard, they should be on the same magician base.

  2. The army is coming along at a great pace and looking great too.

  3. I mean... RedBox produce pretty ugly stuff. But your painting can make even this stuff a piece of beautiness.

    1. I see what you mean. Not the best minis, but I have a lot of respect for sculptors, even more after my poor attempt at creating a fireball!

  4. I love the yellow and red theme, but that each figure is quite individual. The 'odd man out' arquebusier looks great too. The wizard is just, wizard!
    Regards, James

    1. Thank you James! Yes, the army is just an excuse to paint with red and yellow - I was a bit fed up with off white (so common in Antiquity and Napoleonics) these days.

  5. Magnifiques ces arquebusiers, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs!

  6. Superbe arquebusier! C'est vrai que pour le coup ton schéma pour les mercenaires est pas mal du tout !
    Pour le sorcier avec la boule de feu il rend superbement bien, du coup j'ai hate de voir le 2e !

    Superbe prod !


    1. Merci! J'ai fini le 2e hier soir, mais j'en suis un peu déçu par rapport à celui-ci - tu me diras ce que tu en penses. Il me reste 3 mercenaires à peindre, ils seront tous différents, mais dans le même esprit - rouge, vert, blanc, noir.

  7. Outstanding! Love th fireball.

    I'll try to create fireball using soldering iron and plastic...

    1. Thank you. Nice idea for your fireball, I will have a look at your blog to see the pictures of the result.

  8. Very nice arquebusiers! The Talabecland scheme works great and you used it all time wisely avoiding yo create so much Uniformity . As pointed ylby colleagues, they could serve as well as historical Charles V Landsknechts in Pavía
    The "mercenary Guy" looks also very good and with different chrachteristic identity (i believe he Must be a Tilean? :))
    The wizard appears yo work fine; how can the figure stand, not falling?
    Nice light effect on robes, for me this trick is difficult and risky to get
    You are making a great job

    1. Thank you, honorable Empire contributor :D
      Yes they probably would be nice for Pavia, but I think that there was a much larger choice of colors in the military dresses of that time.
      Regarding the mercenary: Yesss, again, Tilea certainly is a source of inspiration.
      The wizard figure can't stand alone without glue or, in this case, blu-tack.

  9. Oooh the wizard needs some technical solución from your side if he Must join a Game of yours on Table anytime!!!

    I had something similar issuw .I suggest to add a wider base, un addition with adding some real extra Weight on It, but placed behind the wizard, as dar as the new base allows. It may work...