dimanche 18 octobre 2020

Orctober challenge, episode 4: knights and fanatics

 Good evening everyone!

Time is running, it's been several days since my last post, and I only have 13 days left before the deadline. But I have several figures to show this time, and some good news regarding the figures to come.

Let's begin with the first element of knights (2 elements are required for my army list):

These figures come from Miniart set #72007 French mounted knights. Historically speaking, they represent french knights from the second half of the 15th century, which was a period of war against Burgundy. They are earlier warriors than the 16th Swiss and Landsknechts, but they're still ok together in a fantasy army.

In my Empire army, they stand for noble landowners, not military orders - the next element should represent these particular knights.

I also finished to paint my Fanatics element, a real (small) motley crew:

The first fanatic on the left has already been displayed in episode 2. The three others are minis by Strelets , Zvezda and Redbox.

I've also begun to convert and paint some figures as Fire wizards. After priming and face painting (first layer with base color), they look like that:

It's the first time I try to represent fire with metal armature and cotton. Hmm, not very convinced with the flames made by the wizard on the right - I'll see after painting if I need to do it again.

Will you guess where these two wizards come from ?

So, the work progress is now this:

Troop type Number of elements figs per element Number of figures painted figures
General (Knight) 1 2 2 0
Wizard 1 1 1 0
Knights 2 3 6 3
Halberdiers 2 4 8 8
Longswords 2 4 8 8
Arquebusiers 2 4 8 1
Fanatics 1 4 4 4
Bombard 1 4 4 4
Total 12
41 28

7 elements (out of 12) are ready.

The next step will be to paint the Arquebusiers. The 3 missing Talabecland arquebusiers have their basic colors and washes, I just need to add lightenings. The color scheme for the mercenaries has been chosen, and the test shot figure also has basic colors and washes done.

After that, I will paint the second knights element, then the two wizards.

And at last, I will have to paint the general element, including a knight on horse as general, a foot aide-de-camp or engineer, and a standard bearer.

See you for the next episode of the Orctober challenge :)

14 commentaires:

  1. Your mounted knights are my favorites. The armor work is superb.

  2. Nice work! The spell effect on the second wizard looks more like an explosion than a flame to me, but I will be interested to see it painted up!

    1. Thank you Norman. Yes, that second fireing effect isn't convincing at all, the more I look at it, the more I think I must do it again.

  3. C est du bon travail tout ça! J'aime beaucoup les chevaliers, les détails sont vraiment dingue, les fanatiques ne sont pas en reste mais j'ai une préférence pour les armures.
    Concernant les Mages celui de gauche avec ça boule de feu est top, celui de droite les flammes j'en aurais peut être fait plus !

    en tout cas tu tiens le bon bout !


    1. Merci de ton message bien sympathique! Concernant les mages, je partage ton appréciation: celui de gauche devrait être convaincant, mais celui de droite est à revoir. Il faut en effet plus de flammes pour que ça ressemble à qqchose, je n'ai pas encore le coup de main. A refaire donc.

  4. Really nice work on the Knights Phil, they are brilliant. The wizards are very nice, especially the fella on the left with the huge fireball. I also have a suspicion they may once have been hat gallic types?.

    1. Hello Mr Sprinks! You're correct regarding the guy on the left, he's originally a celtic druid. The guy on the right was a russian monk before trying to catch fire.

  5. So nice advances. I like your choice of Miniart if they are "lesser level" knights, they match the equipment for the Empire but do not look like proper "Imperial Knights", specially as the poor Miniart felloeñws and horses are also a little odd because of sculpting. (I have already the suspect, which better figures sets you will bñuse for Reiksgard or that kind of proud heavy Elite Imperial Cavalry)

    The Fire wizards Will be funny to be finished..Looking forward yo copy your ideas.
    There are gauls there, but Also more russian monks, zvezda peasants and strelets medieval militia. Good bunch of generic "medieval scum" hehehe

    1. Thank you for your comment Sceavus. Of course you know in advance which figures I will use for the Reiksguard, you're a real live miniencyclopedia :)
      You're right on every figure, well done!