dimanche 28 février 2021

Orc Mystic Warrior 1

 Hi! As the older readers of this blog already know, I sometimes paint Rackham figures (see here), that are much taller (32mm) than the usual 1/72 figures on display in these pages.

I left this range aside for years, but I started to paint some at the beginning of 2021, in order to finish at least what was already begun.

The following pictures depict an Orc from the Bran-O-Kor faction, that is Orcs that live in a hot, desertic area.

This guy is a mystic warrior, which is a sort of mage warrior. He's got blue tattoos on his arms to represent his magic powers, linked to the earth. A snake is coiled around his right arm.

His skin is of a lighter green than that of the other members of his tribe - a birthmark that indicates his predisposition for magic.

SInce I've already painted several other Rackham figures this year, you will probably see some more in the next weeks.

Hope you like him - even if he is not of the only true scale :)

6 commentaires:

  1. Good painting Phil. Would be nice to see some photos with him alongside yours "one true scale" orcs :)

    1. Thank you! It seems that you are almost the only person interested in that figure :D
      Ok, this evening, I will add pictures to compare size in the thread on this subject at Benno's.

    2. Took me a little more time than expected, but the pictures are posted.

  2. That's a lovely figure. The painting is superb as ever. It would make a good troll alongside your 20mm orcs.

  3. Thank you Sprinks. I'm afraid the style and the level of detail might be to high to compare them with 1/72 figures, but as written above, I will take comparison pictures and add them to the related thread at Benno's. And we'll see :)

  4. Very well painted. Yes, he is Big, It seems that by comparing with 20mm the effect can be weird because of the Different proportions (I am experimenting similar difficulties when scaling down 3d Warhammer models... Cartoonish proportions are different to the Different we have in 1/72 (more slender or natural) and It is noticeable...