dimanche 28 janvier 2024

The Green Horde: Tork the Animal

 This week-end, I could find time to paint and take a few pictures, at last! I'm still in the mood to add figures to my Orcs army, but I also need some variety, and I have a huge pile of Rackham figures to paint, so I decided to paint one of my oldest, an Orc wizard from the Bran-o-Kor faction.

Let me introduce you Tork the Animal:

This is an initiate of the Magic of the Earth. He concentrates his power in a magical rock that he can throw at his enemies and cause considerable damage.

Though I intend to use him as part of the Green Horde, I consider him as an ally from another clan, the Orcs of Bran-o-Kor. In Confrontation's world, this Orc tribe lives in dry deserts and canyons, which explains why the bases are different from the bulk of the Horde.

Close-ups in the pictures below, where you can see Tork with a body guard, a brute warrior from the same tribe.

Hope you like him :)

More Orcs to come next month, and maybe some 1/72 figures too!

4 commentaires:

  1. A fantastic figure and beautifully painted 👍

  2. Great brushwork as ususal! Rackham produced a lot of really nice figures. Too bad CMON never did anything with the line after they acquired it.

  3. Great skin tones and clean paint brush, congrats