samedi 30 mai 2020

Mogrin, Dwarf adventurer

Mogrin was scouting in a deep, strange forest, leading a small group of adventurers looking for a lost temple that you have stood here, right in the middle of this dark place inhabited by midges.

"A strange team, indeed" thought Mogrin. What would a honest dwarf like him have to do with such unreliable persons ? Two humans, a barbarian named Aegir ("Him at least I can understand" he thought), and a very old guy dressed like a peacock, a so-called 'wizard'... But the worse was that they were accompanied by an Elf archer, yuck! Alright, he was able to fire his arrows in the night without light, and SO WHAT!? Mogrin himself could smell orcs and goblins for hours before seeing them... by the way:

"- Beware! I can feel enemies all around us, be ready to fight!
- We, the Elves, are always ready to fight, master Mogrin, you don't need to ask...
- I, Aegir, will crush any Goblin on this earth, as far as my axe strikes!
- Don't speak too much, they're here!"

 Some nasty goblins had surrounded them, and begun to attack.

At first, the fight between the adventurers was balanced: the double axe of the Barbarian, the arrows of the Elf, the spells of the magician made enough damage to their opponents to enable Mogrin, well protected by a shield covered with magical defensive runes, to repell a cloud of ravenous but rather weak Goblins around him... until they heard a heavy, very heavy step coming from the dark of the trees: a Troll! These nasty creatures had concluded an alliance with a Troll!

What will become of our adventurers ? Are they going to get out of this forest alive ? Will they find what they were looking for ? Who knows, and who cares ?

- Wizard, Elf and Dwarf adventurers by Caesar
- Barbarian, Goblins and Troll by Dark Alliance

Although our Dwarf hero is new, the previous members of the Adventurers team have already been introduced here and there:
- A Wizard, a true star
- Aegir the Barbarian
- Galadhrim

Hope you like them :)

13 commentaires:

  1. Superb work on these.
    Do you offer a painting service? :)

    1. Hi Duc, thank you for your comment. Regarding the painting service, the answer is... no, sorry. I am so slow at painting... and sometimes, I stop for months because I have no taste for it. I would not be a reliable supplier :D
      And, last but not least: I could not let any mini go away :-D

  2. Réponses
    1. Again !? I really must try this game... ANd by the way, I intend to take pictures of my adventurers on the maya pyramid, one of these days... everything's connected ;-)

  3. Wonderful painting and storytelling Phil, I love this kind of miniature-driven narratives.

    1. Thank you very much, X_BriX. The story would be much longer if I wrote it in french, but I try to do my best in english :)

  4. Les figurines sont superbes , les décors sont vraiment bien et l'histoire est pleine de suspense ! Bravo !
    J'ai hâte de lire la suite !

  5. A wonedrful arrangement of those different minis. Really cool work.

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