vendredi 21 août 2020

Pentagon, Robin Mask and Chainman

Another batch of Kinkeshi figures. I really appreciate the variety - nothing to do with regimental painting :). From left to right: Chainman, Robin Mask and Pentagon.

Pentagon (Kinkeshi No.25, M.U.S.C.L.E. No.67)

His name comes from the fact that he has a pentagram painted on his face. He's got bird wings and a completely white body - which makes a very interesting challenge for painters.
Once again, this figure is not an original Kinkeshi, but a plastic copy from the Cosmix range.
Maybe I could use him as an angel in a 1/72 Fantasy Empire army.

Robin Mask (a) (Kinkeshi No.5, M.U.S.C.L.E. No.46)

This is the first incarnation of Robin Mask, with a silver metal armor. The color scheme will change with the next incarnations.
He should wear a spiked helmet, but this Cosmix copy is of poor quality.

Chainman (Kinkeshi No.81)

This figure is really funny. Remember that Kinkeshi figure are meant to represent wrestlers ? This one is a disentanglement puzzle, also known as Mindpuzzleman. In the manga, he has a fight against another toy wrestler called Cubeman who beats him immediately - by solving the puzzle.
This is an original Kinkeshi figure (and it wasn't part of the M.U.S.C.L.E. range). I painted it as any other plastic figure: white primer, then acrylic paints, except for the gold which is my only enamel paint.

That's all for today. Hope you still like them, though they're not 1/72 :)

dimanche 16 août 2020

Asuraman, Jesse Maybia and the Ninja

I keep on painting Kinkeshi figures, that's rather funny and recreative. I've taken pictures with my smartphone, so I apologize in advance for the quality. Let's have a look.

On the left, the first figure I've painted a few days ago, Sishkeba Boo. You will notice that his skin is shiny, more than the others - I suppose I didn't mix my paints well enough - it was the first use after a break of several months. Another element is that I didn't prime this mini - maybe it had an impact on the result, too.

Now let's have a look at the new ones. The first mini on display is Asuraman (Kinkeshi No.82, M.U.S.C.L.E. No. 70). In the manga, this character is a prince from the Demon world. His name comes from the buddhist and hinduist mythology in which the Asuras are described as demigods with three heads and four or six arms.

Those who are familiar with Kinkeshi figures will find that this figure is not an original Kinkeshi, but a copy - there's no mark at the back of the figure. Indeed, this figure comes from the Cosmix range, that copied some of the Kinkeshi range. Moreover, it is plastic and not rubber.

Nevertheless, the figure is interesting and I am quite happy with the result. Ashuraman will make a perfect god in my (future) ancient Indian army! You can see below Ashuraman together with 1/72 Ancient Indians by Hät - Oh my God, unpainted figures on this blog ! :-)

Next mini, and far less impressive, is Jesse Maybia (Kinkeshi No.32, M.U.S.C.L.E. No.10). Jesse is a human wrestler from Hawaii. He looks like a lifeguard, probably because of his swinsuit, though swimming with a metal helmet and golden shoes must not be that easy. Once again ,this guy is a Cosmix, and not a real Kinkeshi.

Last of the three, a figure representing a Ninja - The Ninja (b) in the Kinnikuman range (Kinkeshi No.184, M.U.S.C.L.E. No. 96). Again, a Cosmix figure.

mercredi 12 août 2020

Kinkeshi Figures

Hello everyone! It's been a while since last post, and this one will be very far from my usual painting subjects - read it as a holiday post :)

Have you ever heard of Kinkeshi Figures ? Or maybe M.U.S.C.L.E. Figures in the US ?

"Kinkeshi" stands for Kinnikuman Keshigomu, which means Kinnikuman Erasers. This range of collectable toys are erasers, which looks popular in Japan. The Keshi figures usually represent Manga or Anime characters. Here, Kinnikuman is the hero of a manga series written by Yoshinori Nakai and Takashi Shimada, originally published between 1979 and 1987. An anime was also created for the Japanese TV.

Kinnikuman is a wrestler, so the figures range (473 figures) represent wrestlers from the manga and anime.

A subset of this range has been distributed in North America under the name of M.U.S.C.L.E., which means Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere. As far as I know, the only figures available in Europe were plastic copies sold as COSMIX in France, and Exogini in Italy.

Here you are my first painted Kinnikuman figure:

This character's name is Shishkeba Boo, a member of the Barbeque clan on planet Kinniku  - don't ask, I don't know anything on the subject, I never read the manga, nor saw the anime. And I'm absolutely not interested in wrestling either.

Below, you can see several unpainted figures from the Kinkeshi range.

Yes, some of the characters look very strange, and rather funny - the main reason why I wanted to paint them.

The other reason is that I've recently discovered this blog: Mike's Painted Miniatures

The painting of the figures is really amazing. Since they are manga or anime characters, the style may be different from the usual way for historical figures, and I wanted to try.

So that's it. I intend to paint a few more figures these days, but I keep on painting 1/72 plastic figures too :)

If you want to know more about Kinnikuman, a lot of information (and sometimes color schemes) can be found here: Kinnikuman Fandom

lundi 1 juin 2020

The adventurers have reached a strange pyramid...

... On top of which they were attacked by a ferocious Lizardman !

Dedicated to Paul "Dungeon Siege" Bods :-D

That's all for today.
... er, wait. And what about the Troll ?
... maybe next time.

samedi 30 mai 2020

Mogrin, Dwarf adventurer

Mogrin was scouting in a deep, strange forest, leading a small group of adventurers looking for a lost temple that you have stood here, right in the middle of this dark place inhabited by midges.

"A strange team, indeed" thought Mogrin. What would a honest dwarf like him have to do with such unreliable persons ? Two humans, a barbarian named Aegir ("Him at least I can understand" he thought), and a very old guy dressed like a peacock, a so-called 'wizard'... But the worse was that they were accompanied by an Elf archer, yuck! Alright, he was able to fire his arrows in the night without light, and SO WHAT!? Mogrin himself could smell orcs and goblins for hours before seeing them... by the way:

"- Beware! I can feel enemies all around us, be ready to fight!
- We, the Elves, are always ready to fight, master Mogrin, you don't need to ask...
- I, Aegir, will crush any Goblin on this earth, as far as my axe strikes!
- Don't speak too much, they're here!"

 Some nasty goblins had surrounded them, and begun to attack.

At first, the fight between the adventurers was balanced: the double axe of the Barbarian, the arrows of the Elf, the spells of the magician made enough damage to their opponents to enable Mogrin, well protected by a shield covered with magical defensive runes, to repell a cloud of ravenous but rather weak Goblins around him... until they heard a heavy, very heavy step coming from the dark of the trees: a Troll! These nasty creatures had concluded an alliance with a Troll!

What will become of our adventurers ? Are they going to get out of this forest alive ? Will they find what they were looking for ? Who knows, and who cares ?

- Wizard, Elf and Dwarf adventurers by Caesar
- Barbarian, Goblins and Troll by Dark Alliance

Although our Dwarf hero is new, the previous members of the Adventurers team have already been introduced here and there:
- A Wizard, a true star
- Aegir the Barbarian
- Galadhrim

Hope you like them :)

lundi 25 mai 2020

New recruits for the Flying Dutchman: Penrod and Old Haddy

Good evening everyone!

If this post has a fishy smell, it's not because I spent last week-end by the sea (I did not, the sea is more than 100 km from Lyon, and due to the pandemic, I can't go that far), but because the Flying Dutchman has new recruits this evening. Let me introduce you Penrod, and Old Haddy! (sounds like a pair of entertainers from the Muppet Show).

Old Haddy commonly wears a stocking cap. He is covered in mussels and fights with some sort of knuckledusters. He might even be seen as a Deep One, according to Lovecraft's description in "The Shadow over Innsmouth".

Penrod is transforming into a lobster. He has three legs, one right arm holding a broken sword and a claw instead of a left arm.

I'm not very familiar with lobsters (we have a cat at home, and no lobster), but one thing I knew for sure was that the red color of the carapace is red when cooked, but not when alive. Here you are a live lobster:

I must admit that this painting was rather challenging, and to say the truth, I'm not very happy with the result, probably because the light blue spots on the carapace are too big.

That's all for today. What do you think of them ? Your comments will be appreciated and answered, as usual :)

mardi 12 mai 2020

A pyramid in the jungle

The big thing from the cellar is ready, and I must say (for once) that I am quite happy with the result.
Today, the attraction of this blog is a scratch-built Maya pyramid (ta-daam) !

In the previous post, the pyramid was built with polystyren and painted with yellow ochre as a base color. The next stage was to lighten step by step the base color, then add some traces of vegetation - not too much, so that it could be use as an active temple and as an antique building.
Well, if I wanted to be really accurate, I should have covered the building with plaster painted mainly in red - that's what the Mayan pyramid mostly looked like when they were still in service.

You can see the result below:

The enlightement was achieved through several drybrushes (with more and more white added to the base color), except that I also add to paint a lighter line on the top of every stone - a bit long but necessary.
Adding the vegetation was easy: some green paint, green flocking and a little bit of lichen.

The most difficult was to create a scene looking like a primary forest with only a few modelling trees... see for yourself:

That pyramid is a good spot for saurus...

The last picture in cinemascope: Maya-Toltecs vs Aztec invaders.

It's my first serious attempt at building some scenery element, I think I should build a few more, what do you think ? Maybe some houses for my Vikings, or my Rohirrim :)
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