dimanche 20 janvier 2019

A few more Goblins

In the previous post introducing a Goblin drummer as the musician of the month, I wrote that I was also painting other Goblins from the same set. I could spend some time today to finish 3 of them, so that I could take pictures and show them as reinforcement for the lonely drummer.

Here they are:

To tell the truth, I was not very happy with the drummer. Remember, I wanted to paint a very pale skin for this underground dweller, but there was a lack of contrast in the result - the skin looked the same everywhere - too plain, too clean.

So for the next Goblins, I decided to add a layer of watery white, with only a little bit of red - and I painted that layer on the drummer too. I also used yellow and blue washes in some places on the skin to simulate skin disorders. And last but not least, I painted some dirt on their legs, arms and bellies.

Some close-ups to see the result:

I think that this one might represent a halfling, with another color scheme

These minis were an excuse to paint some rusty weapons - once again, I wanted to go a bit further than usual, and added some orange highlights to the rusty parts.

Maybe you would be interested in a size comparison with other minis ?

First picture: Goblins and Orcs, same manufacturer (Dark Alliance):

They are approximately the same size - the Goblins look much uglier, is it the figures or the painting? :D

Second picture: Goblins from two different manufacturers (Dark Alliance and Caesar):

The Caesar are much smaller. In my eye, they really look like Imps rather than Goblins. And the color scheme I chose in not that interesting, I should find another.

As a conclusion, I would like to list what I've learnt with these minis:
- a very pale skin with a lot of white is possible, but you need contrast and splatters of color in some places - it is a bit boring without
- the rust can be very orange
- I like monsters

That's all folks!

samedi 19 janvier 2019

Musician of the month: Goblin drummer

Hi everyone! For the first post of 2019, since we're are already late in the month, I must carefully choose my priority, so let me introduce you the musician of the month: a Goblin drummer.

This guy comes from one of the last sets by Dark Alliance, Goblins set 2, that I bought 2 days ago.

I've chosen a color scheme that is meant to recall the Goblins from Goblin-town as we can see them in "the Hobbit" first opus. These creatures live in the depths of the Misty mountains, so we can imagine that their skin is very pale - I never used so much white to paint a skin.

Some more pics:

Oh, I've just realized that I chose the same colors as Paul (from Paul's Bods) for the drum! It must be the only common colors :-)

Well, I hope I find time to finish the others soon.

My plans for 2019 are still vague, but this is a first wishlist:

- finish my Late Crusader army: I didn't take pictures recently, but I only need to paint 2 minis (1 foot, 1 horseman) to finish this army according to DBA (with some personal adaptation), so I should write a post about them rather soon

- paint some ACW figures: YES, something very unusal on this blog, but I see so many interesting pictures everywhere... 6 old references are already painted

- paint a lizardmen troop, including conversions to get some cavalry... I mean, lizardry :)

- add some Mayas to my 3 men Maya warband (a bit short)

- paint a second Frost Giant (work in progress!!)

And I don't say anything about 28mm figures, I have at least fantasy 4 armies for Kings of War to paint.

I wish you a year full of minis, and of many other good things too !!

samedi 29 décembre 2018

Frost Giant

First of all, let me announce you that you are reading the 100th article of this blog!!

Everything began 2 years ago, in december 2016. After having watched so many cool blogs dedicated to minis, I was not sure that I had something more to add... but I tried anyway, and I receive enough feedback from you, dear readers, to believe that it was, and still is worth updating it regularly, and that it really helps me to paint more and more.
And I particularly enjoy to write to,and read from people from all around the world. 

So: thank you very much !!

Well, ok, let's go to the subject: the Frost Giant !

The Frost Giants are characters mentionned in the Scandinavian mythology, in which they are called Hrimthursar. They are endlessly fighting the Gods. Their ancestor is Ymir, the first of the giants. They are the oldest inhabitants of the world, of which they know every secrets and magic.

This giant is probably the last mini that I will paint this year. Here you a few other pictures, alone and with a Orion viking for size comparison.

This mini was originally designed as a character for Zombicide: Black Plague boardgame. When I first saw it, I immediately imagined the color scheme to turn it into a blue giant, and I must that the result does not disappoint me.

What do you think of that big guy ? Your comments will be once more very appreciated. Oh, he is meant to have a fellow giant, but I will paint that one next year. Happy new year everyone :)

vendredi 28 décembre 2018

Early Germanic army complete !

At last, I could paint the last warriors that I needed to field a complete DBA Early Germans army.
And since I've created a small scenery for Christmas (see the previous post), I used it to take pictures of my army in ambush in the woods in winter.

To be honest, my interpretation of the DBA list is rather loose. In the picture above, we have:
  • 8x4Wb, the main warband
  • 2x2Ps, the skirmishing archers
  • 1x2LH, the light cavalry
  • 1x3Cv, the medium cavalry
But I have enough more warriors to add 2 more 4Wb elements, and stick to the list.

The last painted figures are displayed below: 2 riders from Strelets Batavian auxiliaries, and 8 warriors from various manufacturers (Hät, Strelets, Caesar and ESCI).


You can see that the Strelets seem more suitably dressed for winter than the others, but maybe some extra strong or fanatic warriors could fight half naked ?

The Cv element is composed of Hät Gothic riders painted a long time ago - they're ok in an Early Germanic army, in my opinion.

A few more pictures:

One of my objectives for 2018 is fulfilled, hourra ! Just need to base them (it will be a 2019 objective I guess :)).

I suppose you won't be seeing more Germans before long ! Hope you like them anyway.

mercredi 26 décembre 2018

...And Then, There Were Three...

Merry Christmas everyone! If think it is still time to show a nice winter scene, with pretty little nasty large creatures in action.

Do you remember the troll I painted last year ? He was meant to be part of a troll unit for my orcish warband. And since I painted them just before Christmas, they were in time for the party!

I used the same color scheme as on the first one, only the loinclothes are a bit different.
Some close-ups:

And a few portraits (so that their Ma can be proud of their big big guys :)):

What do you think of them ? Nice ? Ugly ?

Oh yes, the fourth one of the set will have to wait a little, it would have ruined the title of the post.

dimanche 23 décembre 2018

Musician of the month... and Band of the year !

Good evening everyone! I have been completely inactive on internet these past weeks - sorry for all your excellent creations I missed, I will have a look everywhere and comment where I'm late now that I am on vacation for... two days :).

There is at least one mini I should display this month: the musician of December! Let's have a look:

This man is a Scottish piper from the 15th century. He comes from one of the several Redbox sets dedicated to the War of the Roses: set 72043 Scottish Troops.

More important, this mini comes from The UK, since it was kindly sent to me last month by Sprinks, from  Wronghammer.

This mini is very nice, but the blowstick (i.e. the piece of wood in which the piper blows to fill the bag) was missing, so I had to add one to the model.

The result could have been better, but it is already more accurate.

So this guy is the 8th musician of the month this year. Only the 8th ? Unfortunately yes, I didn't achieve to complete the job, because I stopped painting between may and august.

This is what I did this year:

8 on 12, 66% success.

Now it's time to have a look at the band :)

 Hope you like them, as motley as they are !

lundi 12 novembre 2018

Musician of the month: a tambourine player

One interesting part of the "musician of the month" challenge is, from times to times, to paint an unexpected figure.

I think that, this time, the aim is achieved :)

Here you are my tambourine player, with friends.

Beyond the subject itself, one part in this exercise was to paint different skins, particularly for the man and the woman in his arms.

Figures from Linear-B set 75 Roman Port 2.
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